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The Problem...

Have you ever lost an expensive pair of prescription sunglasses? Ever wished that you had your prescription sunglasses with you? Ever wished that there was an easier way to carry your prescription sunglasses?

There are three ways to solve the problem of sunglasses for people who wear prescription eye wear.

  1. Buy transition lenses in your prescription eye wear. Although this is a very convenient solution, it is also an expensive solution.
  2. Buy an additional pair of prescription glasses that are tinted to be used in the sun. This solution is expensive and not very convenient. This solution requires carrying 2 pair of glasses and often leads to the problem of lost eye wear.
  3. Purchase clip on sunglasses. While inexpensive many people find this solution inconvenient for the same reason as buying an additional pair of prescription sunglasses. This solution requires carrying 2 pair of glasses. In addition many people object to the visibility of the clips.


ClipShadz TM is the answer.

ClipShadz TM is a patented product (U.S. Patent No. 9,389,437), developed to solve the portability issue of sunglasses for people who wear prescription eye wear. ClipShadz TM consist of 2 independent lenses which easily clip on to prescription eye wear and are easily carried in a convenient pouch attached to your key chain. Now Your sunglasses are always available. ClipShadz TM are made of high quality optical polycarbonate material which is polarized for maximum sun protection and comfort. The attractive, convenient carrying case is included with ClipShadz TM. A mircofiber cleaning cloth is also included in the handy carrying case.

Will ClipShadz TMwork with my glasses?

ClipShadz TM work with virtually any glasses. They're available in three shapes - choose the lens that best fits your prescription glasses (view our Measurements & Fitting Guide for details).

And best of all, ClipShadz TM is backed by a full 90-day manufacturer's warranty - view our Order Policies for terms of sale and full warranty information.










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